Use a file for the body (allowing edits in external editor)

Is there anyway to have Postman read a file (raw) for the body content, instead of having the content needing to be pasted in? I have code and the actual request body (JSON) in another editor, and right now I am having copy it out of my current editor – then paste it into Postman and send it to the API.

Specifically, I am testing some AS3 declarations on an BIG-IP F5 LTM system, and I want to be able to just have one editor, instead of having to constantly flip back and forth between “editors” and copy and pasting.


@jewettg Welcome to the Community :wave:

Yes you can, through “Binary” option under Body

So generally we use this option for image, a file etc. which cannot be written manually inside the body. But I doubt, your API should also be able to consume this file while sending this way. Try saving your code in text file and pass the file under “Binary” option.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: