Upgraded to Version 10 and collection now takes a 401 Unauthorized on All APIs

With the upgrade to V10, I am unable to run my newly added API set. I added the collection on import but there is no longer a setting for Test Suite. I rearrange the collection for how I need the APIs to run as well as add my common code API in a startup folder. The startup folder has the common code and the login to create the bearer token which is saved in an environment variable. Then the rest of the collection runs but all are taking the 401 Unauthorized code. I looked at the APIs and the APIs folder for the new MAIN that I created as a collection which was also renamed. In the API panel it was not renamed and it does not contain all the code/tests/variables authorizations etc that were set up in the collection. Any ideas what needs to be done to be able to run my collection to success?

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem: Upgraded to V10, set up new collection from new set of APIs from dev team. When I went to run the collection, nothing was working as expected.

I’ve already tried: Resetting bearer token (multiple times), reviewed API panel and saw the difference from the collection.