Runner Authentication problem

Scenario 1: When I run the API individually it shows 200OK.

But when I run the same API using the runner it shows 401 Unauthorized.

For Authorization, I am using OAuth 2.0

Please help me to Resolve.

Can you show an image of the full builder view, please - Knowing the saved state of the request tabs is very important when using the Collection runner.

What Authentication does that request use, you mentioned OAuth 2.0 but how are you using that in the request? I can’t see it in the image, is that done at a higher level and then inherited by the requests?

As that’s the issue, that’s the important information here :smiley:

Hello, I face the same issue.
I generate the oauth2 token at collection level and have set all my request to inherit from parent.
When runnin the first request directly, I get 200; when running from the collection runner, it gives 401.
I workarounded by copying the access token from the colllection inside the request and changing the auth from inherit from parent to bearer. But this is valid only for the life of the token …
Which points to a more general problem in Postman, wehn using the auth2 token generator, the generated token cannot feed an env variable, which require manual copy paste …