Updating the htmlextra css

Hi @dannydainton,

Can you help me to update the htmlextra css?

My requirement is to change the background colors of some elements and add our company logo kind of things.

Is it possible? If yes can you please let me know how to do the same.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @venkateshmargam

The best way to do that would be to create a template (you can copy the default one) and change the values to suit your needs.

Should be straightforward to change the colours and add whatever else you require.

This is the file that the reporter uses:

You can then pass that templete into the Newman command using the --reporter-htmlextra-export yourTemplateFile.hbs

Hi @dannydainton,

Thanks for your prompt response.

Where should I save this .hbs file or is it fine if I give the entire path?

Also, Is it enough to give till the tab in the .hbs file? (my requirement is to change the css only and insert a logo) Also from where should I pass the value for {{browserTitle}} kind of variables?

Thanks in advance.

@dannydainton i’m new to postman. So please don’t mind if my questions are too basic.