Updated changes are not getting reflected in Postman collection

This is my collection link:https://www.getpostman.com/collections/972496dc861084899e9e …

It is updated in this page: https://www.zoho.com/officeplatform/integrator/api/v1/postman-collection.html …

When the user downloads the latest postman it does not download the latest collection changes. Let me know what needs to done from our side.

Hey @akshayasvelmurugan,

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Are you able to expand this sentence for me, please? I would like to understand the problem a little bit more.

When the user downloads the latest postman it does not download the latest collection changes

The link you provided, was that created from the old deprecated Chrome extension? That’s what it’s telling me to download when I select the link.

How are you updating the link so that users can see the latest changes to the collection?

Are you a Pro account holder?

Hi @dannydainton

Thank you for your response.

The collection link provided was created directly from Postman and not using Chrome extension. I have explained the problem briefly below.

I made the latest changes to show version API (Edit presentation) and shared the image:docs.zoho.com/file/4yx6wf991533e518c48239fe87f0a1908c9a8

After which, I updated the link as shown in the image:docs.zoho.com/file/4yx6w3802f4beb7134149abbabe94f4494f8b

When I access the updated link in the browser, the json consists of both old and new show version; however, it should contain only the new one.

This image:docs.zoho.com/file/4yx6we8723e7d33b84264b06d17147f39842f shows the json response with the old link.
This image:docs.zoho.com/file/4yx6w4d10612a0ea4442497850710e6c7c544 consists of new link (changed one) in the same json response.

Because of the above response, when the user downloads the postman collection, the latest changes are not getting reflected.

The updated link will be embedded in the below page:https://www.zoho.com/officeplatform/integrator/api/v1/postman-collection.html

My query is: How to remove the old response, so that the latest changes will get reflected in the collection properly and it will function normally.

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Thank you.