Update List in Flows

Hello ,
I’m new in this community and new with Postman-Flows and new with Postman :slight_smile:
I’ve created a Postman-Flow to move the data retrieved by a GET Request from Production environment to my Pre-production environment using a POST request.

The flow Loops on a list of messageIDs, updates a variable an passes the variable to a GET Request, then passes the body of the response to a POST Request, moving the message from one environment to another.
The Flow works as expected. Only thing is that I need to copy/paste each messageID in the list.
I’d rather paste the whole list in one go.
Is there a way to create a List for my flow from my file or from a request?
The messageIDs come from a query on Application Insights.
So there is maybe a way to receive directly the list of messageIDs in my flow.
Any help would be higly appreciated.

Here a screenshot of my Flow