Unable to consume pm.iterationData.get("String") into JSON find method when running as collection

var jsonData = pm.response.json();
let serviceName = pm.iterationData.get(ā€œServiceā€);

var id = jsonData[ā€˜_embeddedā€™][ā€˜doc:solutionDefinitionsā€™].find(item => item.name === serviceName).id;
pm.environment.set(ā€œsolutionDefinitionIDā€, id);

in above request , i am sending data from csv file from ā€œServiceā€ as column . when i am printing data after reading , able to get data , but while using it in find function its not working . same code is working with stand alone data ( without using itertaion ) ā€¦ that means find method also working alone


What is that returning?

In the find, you have serviceName).id; which would indicate that its an object? With an ā€œidā€ key in it. Is the ID contained in your CSV file? (Can you provide a screenshot of the CSV file?).

Does the following actually return anything. I would expect it to be undefined as I canā€™t see it being initialised anywhere in the script.


If the ID is part of the service name, then it should be.


Thanks for Your reply . without using iterationData its working

i am searching id with the help of name . attached json.

name is being supplied with csv , attached csv as well .


Iā€™m wondering if you need another set of brackets in there.

var id = (jsonData[ā€˜_embeddedā€™][ā€˜doc:solutionDefinitionsā€™].find(item => item.name === serviceName)).id;

However, as you say its working without the iterationData, Iā€™m assuming that the find is actually ok.

Although I would probably break it down into two lines for troubleshooting.

let search = jsonData["_embeddedā€™"["doc:solutionDefinitions"].find(item => item.name === serviceName); // special characters so using [] instead of dot notation.
let id = search.id;

You can also reference variables from the CSV file using the special data variable.

let serviceName = data.Service

Finally, does the console log for the serviceName work with the iterationData (or is that failing).

If you copy and paste your example response as text, I can reproduce this my end.

i am also tried like this , but no luck.

var jsonData = pm.response.json();
//var serviceName = ā€œRama Mohanā€;
let serviceName = pm.iterationData.get(ā€œServiceā€);
var sol = jsonData[ā€˜_embeddedā€™][ā€˜doc:solutionDefinitionsā€™]

var result = sol.find(obj => {
// Returns the object where the given property has some value
return obj.name === serviceName

for same object want to find ā€œidā€ property by using "name ".

Can you include an example response, and Iā€™m pretty sure I can help with the find\search of the array.

Based on the following response.

    "_embedded": {
        "doc:solutionDefinitions": [
                "id": "1107255c",
                "name": "Automation Test",
                "description": "A powerful tool documentation."
                "id": "1107255b",
                "name": "Dev Test",
                "description": "A powerful tool documentation."

The following appears to workā€¦

const jsonData = pm.response.json()

let serviceName = data.Service // data will be an object with the current iteration data
// let serviceName = "Dev Test" 
console.log(serviceName); // "Dev Test"

let search = jsonData["_embedded"]["doc:solutionDefinitions"].find(item => item.name === serviceName);

let id = search.id;
console.log(id); // 1107255b


Thanks for support. i have realised the error, its due to data where i am parsing. its not problem with find.

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