How to access complete iterationData content instead of only the current iteration

I have a csv file containing a list of id’s to use with the runner. With only the first iteration, the first request in the collection returns multiple id’s which I store in a variable named validIdList. Before proceeding to the next request or iteration, I need to check if all id’s in the csv file are present in the validIdList. If one or more id’s are missing in validIdList, the runner needs to stop processing the remaining iterations.

So I have 2 questions:

  • iterationData seems to only contain data of the current iteration, is there a way to access the data from the csv used with the runner to to be able to complete this validation step during only the first request of only the first iteration?
  • I know that postman.setNextRequest(null) will end the current iteration, but not the ones to come. How can I stop the runner to execute following iterations?

I hope my questions makes sense, I’m not a full-time developer and only knows some basics of JavaScript.

I posted this 9 days ago, but no replies yet. Can anyone help me with my questions?