Unable to add global variables

I can’t add global variables, after clicking on the Add button a page appears with the following message Globals not found
We could not find the Globals you are looking for (also these global variables are configured on the tests tab - but are not displayed on the global tab). Also automatic tests stopped working (I can’t run the collection - I get an error Failed running the collection: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’)), although manually everything works and runs correctly.

Do you have screenshots of the issue?

Also, do these variables really need to be global?
Available to all of your collections in your current workspace?

Wouldn’t collection or environment scopes be more suitable?

Previously, the collection worked on the current workspace and the variables were displayed in the global section. Currently, the variables are only displayed in the environment tab and the collection does not run. Although the requests themselves work successfully with all tests if I run them one by one manually.

![Снимок экрана 2024-03-07 090616|686x500]

I noticed that I can’t create a new collection either, when I click to create a new collection, I get to a page that says Collection not found
We could not find the Collection you are looking for. Maybe there is something wrong with my user permissions or Postman settings

It happened because of this error Error: You have reached your cloud agent usage limit I was able to re-configure the entire collection in the desktop app and everything works successfully

If you wanted to continue using the web platform - You could install the Postman Desktop Agent:

More information on the different agents can be found here:

Yes I wrote that I did it and it works successfully, thank you.

You wrote that you’re using the desktop app - did you mean the desktop agent?

The app and the agent are 2 different things :sweat:

I use this one
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That would be the Desktop App - Which is awesome :trophy:

If you wanted to continue using Postman in your browser - You can download the desktop agent (the link I posted) but both work in the same way. :smiley:

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