Global Variables with Scheduled Runs

Is there a way to use global variables with a scheduled collection run?

I’ve set up a Workspace for exchanging data between two eCommerce platforms and I’ve built separate collections to handle the different types of exchanges. For example, one collection handles the exchange of inventory data and another handles order-related exchanges. Since all collections use the same base URLs, I’ve set them up as global variables, e.g., baseURL_A, baseURL_B, etc. Then, each request uses these base URL variables plus the specific end path it needs to access (e.g., {{baseURL_A}}/inventory, {{baseURL_A}}/orders).

When I run these collections manually using the Collection Runner, they complete successfully. However, when I run them as a Scheduled run, they fail and a quick glance at the results in the Console reveals the reason: the variables are not being replaced with their assigned values, so instead of a URL being input as myURL/api/inventory, it’s entered as http://%7B%7BbaseURL_A%7D%7D/api/inventory. Clearly the global variables are not being recognized here.

I have found other threads (1, 2) on the forum that indicate the reason is due to the fact that Scheduled runs execute in the Postman Cloud, so they can’t access global variables.

Does anyone know of a way to get these global variables to work with Scheduled runs? I could change them to Collection variables, but then I would have to add them to each collection even though they are identical values, which is why I thought this would be a perfect application for global variables. Is there a workaround or another method that allows multiple collections to share variables while also working with Scheduled runs?

Any thoughts?