Getting JSON PARSER While sending the request body which Contains special characters like '\'

In Postman when I am sending request getting “JSON_PARSER_ERROR” because in the request body it contains a special characters this is the body I am giving in postman

“hl7message” : “MSH|^~&|Elex|Community Group|||20230614165440+0530||ADT^A08^ADT_A01|MSG20230614165440465|P|2.5.1|||AL||IN|ASCII|^en|||”

I tried with changing headers content-type to “application/Json;charset=UTF-8” but it’s not Successfull

can anyone help me out of this here is the error I am getting

I can send your request to Postman Echo fine.

Your screenshot however, does have an escape character before the &.

If I try and replicate that, it does the same thing invalidates the string.

What happens if you try it without the escape character?