Postman Day 27 - Tests not passing

Tests are not passing even tough variable is properly set. I tried persisting the value but still not passing through.

Are you sure its the baseURL and not the token underneath it that is failing?

I wish Postman would tell you which line number the assertion is failing on, as it would be much easer to find the failing test.

I actually have some kind of the same problem and do not know how to move on.
I double checked everything, went through the tests … I don’t know how to resolve that error.
Which Information can I provide for help?

so I rebuild it in the API Tab.
→ generated a new collection there, copied the tasks, dragged them in. Set all the variables and tests, changed the PUT to GET, renamed, persisted, etc.
And it worked!

But although I haven’t changed anything in my previous collection … this now works as well :melting_face:
So, unfortunately I can’t tell, what the error was … and will move on to Day 28.