Two paths into one variable

Dear community,

I have an if/else flow. As outcome I create a user, in another I filter for one.
At the end of each flow, both paths shall fill the same variable with an

I noticed that the two paths cannot connect to one variable. Would you recommend doing this to archive this?

Hi @sonic-sw

I’ll bring this up with the team. Variables in flows aren’t meant to be set more than once, so this was to prevent the possibility of the variable being set twice. There is a workaround if you’re only setting the value once though which is to put both values into an output block (or any other block) then send that output to the variable instead:

Improving how variables work in flows is something we’re working on though.

Dear @flows-daniel,

I will change to the Output as it simpler then my temp IF statement :wink:
Thank you