IF block in Flow not working

Hello Postman community

I am struggling to understand how the IF blocks work within Postman Flows because it doesn’t work as I expected it to and I might be doing something incorrectly.

Here is my if setup:
2024-03-19 07_16_48-Zoho CRM Sales Invoice to Netsuite Sales Orders 2.0 - Team REL

The n_customerid variable is set according to the logs. How do I make this so if n_customerid has a value in it, to proceed on with the Flow?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @legiuffre

The If Block needs two values, one of which you have provided with cust_id and the other is the data port needs a value to sent through. Since you aren’t using the value, it doesn’t matter what it is (can just be a string of whatever). The If Block works like a gate to route a value to either the THEN or ELSE ports but right now it’s empty.

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