Trouble with published docs syncing environment changes


We recently published a guide to our API using Postman as a collection. This has proven a powerful approach, and we’re quite happy with the result, even though it’s using Postman a bit differently than intended.

I’ve been having some trouble with various means of accessing the guide getting out of sync. The guide is published under a custom URL: Updates to the collection are getting synced. Importing both the collection and the associated environment using the “Run in Postman” button there appears to always reflect the latest changes.

We discovered a problem today importing within Postman via the API Network. It appears to pull the updated collection, but not the updates to the environment. Note that searching the API Network via the Postman web site and importing there was pulling the updated environment.

I thought I saw some other related issues, but at least one of them looks like user (me) error. I ended up fixing the problem by unpublishing and republishing the collection, but that loses all the other information (topic tags, description, customizations), so this is less than ideal.

I published via the web site. I’m not seeing how to do anything differently. Is there a way to publish that will keep everything in sync when changes are made?