Token resource value not being synced to current value when using variable

I have a POST to get Bearer token for Azure Commercial Resource Manager. I am trying to use variables as much as possible so that I can use the query across subscriptions, tenants, and environments. When I use a variable for the “resource” key, I get a Bearer token but the value for resource returned to me is a string of numbers instead of the value that I passed it. If I take the value I am storing inside the “INITIAL” field for the variable and hard code that into the resource key value, everything works as expected.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create POST to https://{{aad_endpoint}}/{{tenant_Id}}/oauth2/token’ with the following keys:
  • grant_type : client_credentials
  • client_id : {{sp_client_Id}}
  • client_secret : {{sp_client_Key}}
  • resource : {{arm_Resource_Url}}
  1. Create the following variables:
  1. Execute POST

  2. Replace resource key value with hard coded value and re-send POST

  3. Token returned is correct but value not written to CURRENT:

Expected behavior
Expect resource value returned with token to reflect the resource that the token is for