Environment variable not resolved in 2nd method of a chain

I have 2 methods in my collection(method1 & method2) that I am chaining.
I have a global variable called “access_token” that has an initial value of “blank”
The test script of method1 sets access_token to a new value.
Then, Method2 uses Bearer Token Authorization, where Token value is {{access_token}}
I start collection runner and execute method1 & 2 in that order.
Method #1 succeeds in setting access_token to a new value and I can see this in the console log.
When Method #2 starts, the pre-script code is outputting the access_token value and it reflects the new value. so far so good.
However, when I examine method #2’s header values in the console output, my bearer token value is still the initial value: “Authorization: Bearer blank”

For some reason, access_token is getting resolved to the initial value rather than the current value.

I am running on Windows 10, Postman 7.13.

Any thoughts/ideas are much appreciated.

As a test, I tried to create a header called access_token"in API #2 that resolves to {{access_token}}.

When executed as described above, It too resolves to the initial value the same way as the Bearer token:

access_token: blank

Either this is a bug or I am misunderstanding something.