Token Generation on AWS for Authorization of API

Hi Team,

As of now we are generating token for authentication of API from Command Prompt(CMD) based on the AWS commands.
Since its manual and tedious task that’s why we are moving towards the automation.
Towards the end goal of automation, Dev team created the POST http method API but they tested with redirect_uri as
Now question is how we can get the same response over the Postman? What gonna be value of redirect_uri value.

Step to reproduce:
Dev team Testing:

  1. Enter the url in any browser:

2.Enter the valid cred.

  1. Once you entered the correct cred., You will see the required response at url level only.

Testing through Postman;
Step to reproduce:

  1. Enter the url with Post method with Paramameters

1.What gonna be parameter based on the above dev url?
2.What gonna be type of authorization? Means in which section we will apply the username/password?
3. What gonna be redirect_uri value?

Let me know still needed more info, Since further data cant display here due to security concern.

I recommend looking into OAuth2 to understand how to get everything to run in Postman.

Below is a tutorial that can help you get started.

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I’ve also written this blog post on how to automate token renewal.

I would recommend watching that video that @vdespa provided though.