The Twitter API: Confessions of a User

I’m here to come clean Postman community… I complained about some missing functionality while exploring the Twitter API to build a hashtag search bot and thought I was pretty clever coming up with a work around. As it turns out, I (mostly) just didn’t read the docs thoroughly enough :man_shrugging:

But check out some of the other cool things I learned and missed along the way!


This is… very relatable :rofl:

Following along with your Twitter escapades has been fascinating to me. Going from those early iterations to a confessional blog post has been a trip.

I’d love to hear what people contribute to the workspace, down the line.


I love the confession bit. It’s so beautiful to see someone care about sharing their mistakes, assumptions with a larger group. Never easy to confess. So proud of you @sean.keegan :smiley:


Wow! what a great article @sean.keegan :heart: I confess - I don’t like to read the docs either.

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