Test Passing in Client but failing in Runner


I have a test passing when I run it as part of a collection in the client, but failing when I run it in the Collection Runner window.

The test asserts the environment name, as below, and passes:

When I run the same test in the Collection Runner, the test fails:

Could someone please explain why the environment name is not being picked up when the test is run in the runner?

Note: I am setting the Environment to be ProductionCN in the Collection Runner settings.

You have unsaved changes in the Client for the open tab (hence the orange circle)

Save them and re-run the collection.


Is your issue resolved now mate?

@pfarrell Thank you, yes! After saving changes the test started passing. It’s always the simple things that will trip you up! Thank you for your help.

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No worries.
Trust me, I’ve done lots of stuff like that were I was convinced there was an issue haha :stuck_out_tongue: