Test Passes in Postman (200 Ok) but fails in Newman (404 Not Found)

Hi, I am writing a test script where I am using an environment variable, setting it to a constant value in pre-request script and finally, assigning it to my request body parameter.

Pre-request Script -
var code = "b0d159"; pm.environment.set("offeringCode", code)

Request Body -
{ "Service": "OfferingService", "Action": "createOffering", "Params": { "OfferingCode": "{{offeringCode}}", "Name": "{{offeringName}}", "Description" : null, "OrganizationID" : null}

Test Script (test that is failing) -
pm.test('response code is 200', function () { pm.response.to.be.ok; });

I am setting an already existing value (exists in db) to the variable, thus the request should return “Overlapping offering code” in response body.
While running the request/ collection from postman expected response comes with a 200 Ok status, however, Newman returns “Missing Parameter” with a 404 Not Found status.
In Newman, the “detail” column for assertion error says - " response code is 200
expected response to have status reason ‘OK’ but got ‘NOT FOUND’ at assertion:0 in test-script inside “Overlapping Offering Code”

What could be the reason behind this?

Hey @fairouz05

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What is the command that you’re using to run the Collection in Newman?

Are you specifying an environment file in the run?

Yes, here is the command (after I give path to the folder where I have saved the collection.json and environment.json file )

newman run “Create Offering.postman_collection.json” -e “API Demo Env Copy.postman_environment.json” --reporters cli,html --insecure

That’s seems odd, are you saving the request your editing before exporting the file to use with Newman?

I’ve got to say it breaks my little heart that you’re not using htmlextra but not everyone has discovered it yet :grin:

Hey there, I found what went wrong using htmlextra! One of the environment variables was in wrong format which was causing the “Missing Parameter” response, I included the right code in pre-request script and now it works! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s awesome!! So glad it lead you to the right place!!

Thanks for using the reporter :trophy:

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