Test API blank, string and numeric field

Hello everyone, I’m inexperienced in testing with api. I would like to validate in an api specifically the following scenarios:

  • List item

If I type string where only accept numeric display a message; If i type string where only accept string display a message;if i leave the required field blank, display a message.

“address”: “Avenida Holanda”, if I leave blank
“number”: 1234, if i type string
“neighborhood”: “Teste”,
“complementaryAddress”: “Sala 1002”,
“addressReferenceLocation”: “Teste”,
“city”: “test”,
“state”: “SP”, if i type just number
“country”: {
“countryName”: “Uni”,
“alphaCountryCode”: “BRA”,
“countryCode”: “76”

What have you tried so far? What’s not working for you?

There are several resources available to help with writing tests, for example:

This does not solve my problem!! Can you help me with this that I believe is very simple for you or not?

What is your actual query, can u state that more clearly ?