Syncing API with github

Hi, I have synced my API with GitHub and whenever I make changes in Postman I can see a new commit appearing. However whenever I change the file in an external application (e.g. VS Code) it does not sync in Postman. Is there a setting or a way of forcing the sync to take place?

Are you committing those changes that you made in VSCode, back into the Sync’s Github repo? Or are they all still local changes.

I commit and push back to the repo. If I look at the file in Github it’s the same as vs code. If I click on Changelog in Postman I only see the changes in Postman. If I then change it in Postman it overwrites the changes in Github and doesn’t mention about a conflict.

I managed to suss it out. Just went carefully again through the steps at The lack of any sort of error message made me think it didn’t work when in fact the config was wrong.

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To help other users who are facing the same issue get unblocked, please check if the Webhooks are configured to the GitHub repo for which you are expecting Schema to be synced.

Also, this screen-record here should provide you a step by step assistance on this :slight_smile: