Swaggerhub OpenAPI3 yaml issues with Postman

First post here.
I have simple OpenAPI3 yaml file.

When I import it to Postman some of my request body properties are missing in postman.

        required: true
              type: object
                - domainName
                - callbackUrl
                  type: string
                  format: url
                  example: https://server.com/api/callback/1
                  description: http request will be sent to callback url to notify successfull job.
                  type: string
                  example: swagger.io

If I remove format: url then the property is present in Postman. That is not big issue though.
But to do further testing I’ve removed required attribute callbackUrl but still can see it in Postman.

Any hints?

Hi @titelskibreg,

I downloaded the YAML Resolved API from the link you provided and compared it with the imported YAML file on Postman and I did not see any difference.
Please ensure that you have published the API after you have made any changes to it so it can be reflected publicly, also it would be helpful if you would compare the downloaded OpenAPI YAML file and the imported OpenAPI YAML file you can view in the Postman API tab to get some clarity.