API documentation

Hi. I am trying to convince my team to leave Swagger and use a pro Postman plan, however I seem to be missing some key features here, so please tell me if I missed them in the documentation.

  1. How can I document requests which take JSON as input? I see that instead of providing raw JSON, I can do the same in form-data. Are those two options equivalent when we are talking about the actual data that arrived at the server?
  2. Is there an option to set a parameter type, so that user knows whether to provide a string/int/float…?
  3. Can sample requests be ran in browser without actually having Postman? I know I can copy cURL request to terminal, but our users don’t know that.
  4. How can I document the URL parameter - i.e. api/users/{id}?


Just like swagger Postman supports the use of openapi.

If your team uses openapi to swagger you can import those openapi files to postman to generate your docs/apis.

  1. You can define a request of type object and define the object

  2. You can set data types

  3. No idea on this, never tried this functionality

  4. Same way

Thanks for the answer. Can you define objects and data types within Postman though, without using OpenAPI, or using it, but through Postman UI?

Not to my knowledge no.