Support for Sodium


I’m trying to use Postman to build a tutorial on how to use API’s available for a given Blockchain. CryptoJS doesn’t provide the majority of the crypto functions I need, the only Javascript library I can find that does is Sodium, which has a lot more features. It’s also much more beneficial as Sodium is available for many other languages, which would allow other developers to more easily take the postman sample and integrate it.

I’ve tried using the trick of downloading sodium from a CDN inside the postman request, but it doesn’t work, because the browser version of Sodium loads async, by attaching itself to the window onLoad event. Only one of the top level containers is accessible.

Has anyone else ever found a way around this? or is there any process to request Sodium be added to Postman so it can be used natively? I’m sure it has a lot more use cases outside of just mine.

Get the contents of the library in a Postman variable and use eval to run the contents of the variable.

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