Not able to use npm package in postman

Hello Everyone,
I want to use npm package in my collection. But I am not able to find any way to do that.
I want to use this npm package
Please anyone help me with this

Hi @thefierycoder! :wave:

The supported external libraries are in this list:

As it is not included in the supported list, it cannot be used within Postman simply by requiring it.
But as discussed in the following blog article, you can leverage JavaScript eval() function to reuse any JavaScript library.

Hope this helps :upside_down_face:

Thanks for your reply.
But I don’t get How to use this package using eval() function.
Could you expain me How to do that in postman?

Anyone knows how to use npm package, please help me

@taehoshino Do you have any idea how to use npm package using eval function in postman?

you cannot use packages that are not supported in the postman sandbox as mentioned.

You can use cheerio.js module if you are looking to parse html

Hey @thefierycoder :wave:
I have not tried this myself, but this thread has some example that might be useful :slightly_smiling_face:

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