Student Expert Program SkillCheck [2] task

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Hello everyone,

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Can anyone please tell me how can I pass this Student Expert Program SkillCheck[2] task

It gives me this message every time

Have a look at the tests tab for the submit request.

Find the section for the failing test and post the code here (please use the pre-formatted text option in the editor to stop everything from being aligned to the left).

Also expand out the collection and requests, and create a screenshot of that and include that in your post.

The problem is most likely to be with the naming of the folders\requests, which is usually specific and case sensitive.

The error is saying “cannot read properties of undefined”, which means if failing to read a variable, probably a search related to the folder or request name. (Copy and pasting the test code will confirm).

When I get failures, I usually clone the submit request, and for the failing test, add a few lines of code to console log any important variables. (Or create some variables to mimic what is happening).

Hey, Thank you for your reply. I already solved it.