AssertionError with the Used variables test


I’m trying to complete the Certification, but I’m stuck on the last step (Test Collection). I keep getting this, “Used variables | AssertionError: expected -1 to be above -1” error on the Test Results. I have looked over all the steps, redone all the exercises, but that error keeps showing up. Not sure what’s going on

Hey, I’m there now. Did you solve this problem?


As for most of the training courses. They are not designed to catch you out, and if we tell you the answers, they you will miss out on the most important aspect which is the learning and debugging of your own code\collections.

In the first instance, I would recommend going back through the course again for the failing element and re-check your work. Through the visualiser or the documentation. (You haven’t said which course). In particular where any variables are set.

The error sounds fairly explanatory though (if it’s the same).

“expected -1 to be above -1”.

The numbers are currently the same, so its failing.

If you really want someone to have a look, then you will need to share the collection and provide the private link.

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Stuck with Used Variables

This discussion may be helpful to solve this issue I believe.