Stream services (Listener) how to test in postman

Suppose one service only flowing the data(like Stream/Listeners) doesn’t contain the any API so how can i able to test on postman.

Hey @sgadale and welcome here!

Streaming isn’t supported at the moment, you can watch this issue if you want to know if/when we’ll make it available:

Hey @arlemi Thanks for your response ,
Suppose one streaming service which consumes the multiple records/data from other applications and pass/redirect to the particular Microservice so can i test and verify.Whatever data i put in application is getting same on other Microservice api(Asynchronously) like this scenario and postman is supported only REST APi but is there any type of provision to do Listeners(Streaming) type Microservices testing as well.

Postman is only support the RESTFul API but in case there is no API.