Websocket Replay and Load Testing


I have worked with some of the Postman websocket testing. I have a basic understanding, using headers connecting to a websocket, and then sending actions back and forth.

I have 3 questions, maybe someone could point me to the correct places if there is some documentation, or just give me an overview if the answers are quick.

  1. If my tests need to run an API call prior to connecting to a websocket, is there a way to have both in a collection?

  2. If I want to run the same websocket request again, and verify each output, is that possible right now?

  3. If I wanted to run multiple websocket tests, almost like a load test, is that possible through code, or would I need to set up a single request for each one?

Thank you all for your time.

Hi @mzimmerman01. Welcome to the Postman Community!

The WebSocket client is currently not as mature as the HTTP client. Therefore, you currently cannot mix a WebSocket and an HTTP request in the same collection. Scripting and the collection runner are also not yet available in a WebSocket request.

We’re looking into all of these and should support them sometimes in the near future.

Hey Gbadebo. Thank you for the response. I know how software development works, so I know you cannot give a specific date on when these should be implemented, but is there an expectation? Like should this be available soon, next quarter, by the end of the year, or not yet prioritized?

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