Some global variables do not substitute in the JSON body. Why?

I have a JSON body where i’m using global variables. The first instance replaces (“name”: “{{prefix}}_test1”), but the second ( “{{prefix}}_test2”: {} ) does not. Can anyone advise as to why ? And is there any suggested workaround ?

“metadata”: {
“name”: “{{prefix}}_test1”
“state”: {
“gw”: {
“uris”: {
“{{prefix}}_test2”: {}

I’m using Version 7.14.0 (7.14.0) on MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).

Thank you.

I see no obvious reason why this will not work.

Have you inspected the request body with the Postman console and are sure that the second prefix does not get replaced?

Hello @vdespa, thanks for replying. Yes i checked the postman console and it showed it was not being replaced. I did get this issue resolved by moving the global variables to environment variables, but i’m not why that made a difference. In parallel i also updated to 7.15.0 (7.15.0) and have not seen any problems.

Thanks again.