Slack Newman Runner App

Hey folks,

For a recent hackathon, I created an app that runs Postman collections from a custom slash command in Slack.

Full details are on the Readme file of the repo, I hope its useful to people.



Great idea bro @dannydainton

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This is awesome @dannydainton!

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Thank you!! Means a lot from you!!

The tool has now been slightly updated to allow you to specify which environment to run requests against.

And also some Docker support for running locally, no one likes installing everything on thier machines :grin:

Please check it out, I would love to hear your feedback.

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A couple of addition things added to the Slack bot - You can now pass in to the command how many iterations you want to run.

For example:

/testrun Local 2

It also now creates a Custom HTML report for the test Run, that is accessed via a hyperlink in the Summary Title. This will open the report in a new browser tab.

Full details about the app can be found on the file on the repo.

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