Simulate Different Network Speeds

Hi, I am new to the postman. I have a requirement. I want to test my API on different internet speeds. So how to Simulate Different Network Speeds in postman software? Is it possible to do so?

Considering that Postman is used for dealing with APIs, I am kind of wondering what would you expect to achieve which such a functionality?

In a normal browser it will make sense to see how the UI loads. But for APIs? I am very curious to see a use-case.

It would be useful for testing the types of responses that APIs utilize to deal with slow processes (e.g. like routers that prematurely end a response after 60 seconds to limit network bottlenecks).

exactly - I have a problem right now, when from time to time, the request to our API, coming from a mobile device, gets “cut” and our server gets an incomplete json payload. Our assumption is that the connectivity is bad on the client side, so the POST takes too long, and a network equipment in the middle, that we don’t control, has a time-out.
I am looking for a way to reproduce this easily, and that kind of throttling would help

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