Postman Performance testing Throttling

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I want to set throttling limit for my API and run the performance testing. Can anyone please guide on how to do this in Postman?


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The Performance Testing feature is still actively being worked on and improved, it doesn’t currently have that throttling based functionality but that would make a great feature request :pray:

You can raise that over on our public issue tracker using this form.

Thank you Danny, I will definitely raise it in public issue tracker.

Could you also please tell about achieving the concurrency and also peak load testing in Postman. Are these possible? if yes, then please provide any guidelines for them.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @joshnaj

The current capabilities of that feature can be found in the link I provided above.

It’s a feature that will improve over time, based on all the user feedback. If something is missing that you feel could enhancement the offering, please raise a feature request for the team to triage.

I’m not a Performance Testing expert so I’m not in the best position to guide you through those scenarios.

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