Should not show an option - summary for the given schema

grouping sys-summary{
        list summary {
            tailf:display-groups "summary";
            key name;
            ordered-by user;
            leaf name {
                tailf:display-groups "summary";
                type string;
            leaf status {
                tailf:display-groups "summary";
                type string;
                "Summary of status";

    grouping system-status-top {
        description "Top-level grouping";
        container install {
            container state {
                tailf:display-groups "none summary";
                config false;
                description "Operational data";
                tailf:info "Operational data";
                uses system-cluster-status;
                uses system-version;
                uses system-image;
                uses system-firmware-status;

                uses sys-summary;

    augment "/oc-sys:system" {
        uses system-status-top;

Above is the schema, i need these 3 commands they are -

show system install state (not display summary)
show system install state summary (display summary)
show system install state cluster

with this schema i’m able to achieve but “show system install state summary” is showing below data. how to avoid this. is it possible to hide this summary option for “show system install state”.

appliance-1# show system install state 
Possible completions:
  displaylevel   Depth to show
  |              Output modifiers
appliance-1# show system install state summary 

Hi @harshithaDiddi . Welcome to the Postman Community.

What schema is this and what are you trying to achieve?

using the “show system install state”, i would be showing the installation status of different components.

I had query about the summary option.

i need these command -

show system install state cluster (cluster is one component)

show system install summary (should show status in one line for each component)

the current schema is acheiving this.
but one condition here -

“show system install state” should show only components data and not summary
Using display groups i was able to acheive “show system install summary”.

Problem is summary option is still seen after state. is there any way to hide it in the current schema

This does not look like it’s a Postman related issue and I’m not familiar with the schema you refer to.

If you have any Postman related questions, I’ll be more than happy to help.

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