Share Your Projects! | What Are You Working on Wednesday

Hey everyone! :wave:
So far in my short time here in the Postman community, I’ve come to learn about so many cool projects that people are working on. From simple monitors and interesting flows to entire workspaces and collections, I want to see what we are building with Postman!

What is something that you’ve been building with Postman? Even if it’s not ready yet, we would LOVE to see what awesome projects people are working on :smile:

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I’ll start :triumph:

As part of my Postman on-boarding, I created my first collection which was a Slack bot that used Postman as a backend for command logic. Despite starting out as just a simple Twitch bot, I quickly started focusing on making this collection into more of a bot “core” that could be used for any Slack bots.

This is largely possible due to the nature of Postman monitors and how they contain webhooks under the hood to trigger a collection run automatically when issuing a Slack slash command.

I’m actively working on a blog post for this (hopefully out soon!) and have created a video demonstrating things as well!


It’s not a new project but I always love sharing it anyway :smiley:

A couple of years ago I created a new HTML reporter for Newman, since then I’ve been blown away by the support I’ve been given and amazed by the download numbers :exploding_head:

If you want to take a look and run it for yourself, you can download the NPM package


This is awesome Danny! Great work!!

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I recently worked on an amazing technology for encryption and decryption methods.

To make it more convenient and useful, I have created a Crypto JS collection with more than 20+ examples, which includes methods right from creating hashes to different encryption and decryption.


So detailed!! That’s going to be super helpful :clap:

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Holy cow - 80K weekly downloads :heart_eyes_cat:


@kevin-postman Hi Kevin :wave: How are you?

Currently working on backing up the team collections to our custom Gitlab domain.

Other than that, exploring “Flows” for my upcoming talk :star_struck:


Flows! I need to mess around with those some more still :clap:

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