Serialization error when attempting post

Hi, what is likely the issue when receiving a “no available deserialization method” error. I’m receiving the error below when perform a POST.

"error": "The format indicated 'multipart/form-data' had no available deserialization method. Please check your ``formats`` and ``content_types`` on your Serializer."

As you can see in the screenshot, the default content type defaults to application/json as expected. The parameters in the body are listed in the screenshot too. In red, I listed out the required data type required. I think I may have entered the resource identifier in an incorrect format, but not sure.

I confirmed that I can perform GET commands successfully and also attempted to use the entire URL for the values that required a URI for the value.

Hey @ptoussaint

It’s unclear from the information you have provided what’s happening - Can you take a look over this and edit your questions to provide more context, please?

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