Sending and retreiving data from database

I was following the amigos tutorial on YouTube for Full Stack Java Spring Boot Application and I got to the part where I was testing the API with postman. Postman can send data to the database and get back the correct data from the database but when I check the actual remote database there is no data entered in the table. When I check Spring Boot, the console shows:
Hibernate: insert into employee (email, employee_code, image_url, job_title, name, phone, id) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
suggesting that it is getting no values to insert into the employee table.
Also, if no data is being sent to the database then how does it get back the correct data via a GET method request. In other words postman seems to be working correctly because it displays the correct information BUT still there is no data on my remote database using AWS RDS

Has anyone here had a similar problem and how did you solve it?