Connecting a database to Postman

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How can i connect SQL developer to Postman?
Please help me!

Hey @nesrinej

You can’t directly connect Postman to a database, useless it has a set of HTTP endpoints that you can use to see/edit the data in the tables.

Hello @dannydainton
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Could you please tell me how can i edit my database from Postman ?
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Does your database have an API that you can interact with?

For SQL developer I found this link

Not sure you have referred this already :slight_smile: Got this from this similar topic.

So here based on the documentation you need to create your requests in Postman. Which in turn will help you for read/write into your Database. Also you can check if there’s some existing collection of requests for Oracle database.

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There are collections for SQL DB connection in Postman.

Can you provide a bit more context on why you need a RESTful API service to connect to a Database? It’s not exactly the right tool for the job.