Send request from example/BDD features?

Hello! I am little newbie in Postman, but want to talk about very useful feature. I would love to have an opportunity to send requests from examples. I understand that examples feature in Postman not provide such functionality because of the purposes. But I guess it will be useful to have something equal to BDD examples. Or maybe possibility of making additional embedding in collection tree. For example, I have API POST request. And I want to have a group of similar requests, but with different data in few fields. I have a collection. I have subfolders, one for POST requests, and second for GET requests. Than I have requests with examples. But I need to copy all data from example to another request every time I want send it. It is not convenient. Or I can put all request instances in one directory. But it is not convenient too in case of huge number of requests. Yes, also I have environment where I can switch variables instead of making many requests. But I use it to switch between application versions and other cases. So I don’t want to have also huge lists of switch flags in environments.

Have your any ideas? Thank you!