Searching from among users assigned to an app

Pulling the appId from AD-sourced integration ( I am querying Okta using Postman), I am trying to search within that collection of users (i.e., those assigned to that particular app) for a particular user with a specific last name. In other words, I want to return all users whose last name is ‘Stone’ that is part of the appId I have set in my global variable. Here is the query I have developed,

{{url}}/api/v1/apps/{{appId}}/users?search=profile.lastName eq “Stone”

The problem is that it retrieves users who have “Stone” in the managerDn. I don’t want this, I want only users whose last name is “Stone”. How do I revise my query to accomplish that?

P.S. For example, here is a valid query for all the users assigned to a particular app (if you place the id into the appId environment variable). I get all the users assigned to the app. Now, from among those, I wish to see those whose last name is “Stone”

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@jbogdan Did you tried reaching the developers or the Okta community forum?

And what would be your point as that earlier post did not yield a solution? I was told by a moderator to move the inquiry here. I still do not have an answer.

@jbogdan Yes, moving is just updating the category, since I see a new post I am just linking both to notify they are similar :slightly_smiling_face:

May be no one would have faced such scenario, and that’s why there’s no answer for it.

Did you tried reaching to your developer or tried posting this in Okta Community Forum? That might help :innocent:

I have followed the advice of the last moderator and posted here.

Please do not reply to my posts.

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