Save multiple query/mutation body formats


We have a lot… a lot of requests and mutations. We are using two kinds of body formats, for now. Raw, to test our proxy lambdas and GraphQL with schemas to test the same query or mutation directly to the GraphQL end-point.

It would be a very nice feature to be able to save all query formats for the same request. Presently, it is not possible to do so. We have to make two collection folders, one for raw models and one for GraphQL models queries.

I made a pre-request script that change automatically the end-point address depending on the query format, but it would be very nice to keep all query format text I want.




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Hi @jamiedc! Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! :trophy:

We love receiving feedback on how we can better support our user’s needs. While we do have Postmanauts actively reading this forum, the best way to request a new feature is by submitting a “new issue” to our GitHub. This helps our developer team keeps track of what is most important to our users, and impacts how we adjust our roadmap for the future.

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