Save all wss responses

Is there a way to save all wss responses as bulk? I know I can click each message and save it but if I have a lot of messages it is not possible to save them all from postman interface?

Hey @gabbello :wave:

Can I confirm that you mean saving the messages, so that they show in the right side pane?

Or are you looking to achieve something else?

Hi, no I want to save the responses to the api call, that appear in the bottom window:

I know i can save them one by one, but I want to bulk save them all.

Hey @gabbello :wave:

Got it. There is currently no bulk save option for those messages so the individual option would only be the way to go at the moment.

Could you raise a new Feature Request on our Public Tracker with all the relevant details and your use case, please? :pray:

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Thanks, done. This ticket can be closed.

That’s great - Thank you. :heart:

Linking that here before closing out - just in case someone is searching for the same option.

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