Running requests


I just start with Postman and it’s great, i’ve been able to quickly define requests.
They work fine alone but some would need that some other requests run before them to run.

Example : some requests needs i’m login to the web site so these requests needs i run my login request before.

How to do that ? is it related to collections run ? (

Thanks in advance

The answer would otherwise be too long, so I will try to point out the most important steps.

For starters, you can just put the request in your collection in one order. For example first login, then create something, change it, delete it (of course, depending on your use-case).

You can run each request manually to make sure it works. Once this works, you can run your collection with the collection runner you mentioned (integrated in Postman).

If you need more advanced scenarios (such as reusing request or jumping from one request to another), consider having a look at workflows.

Feel free to come back here with more specific questions.

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