Running POSTMAN with WSLg (GUI)

Is it possible to run POSTMAN via WSLg? I have installed postman using snap on my WSL2 with gui enabled… I can run firefox and other apps with it but not postman.

Here’s the error whenever i try to run postman

The disableGPU setting is set to undefined Not disabling GPU [14834:0610/] Unable to open X display. The futex facility returned an unexpected error code.Aborted

I have tried numerous recommendation including sudo DISABLE_WAYLAND=1 snap run postman

and rolling back to a working version but none work.

I have the same issue.

i found a way , installed xfce4 , can’t launch it on WSLg, but found this :

this way you can start xfce with

Xwayland :1 &

and inside xfce if you launch postman it works all right

edit: BUT cant copy and paste text :confused:

edit2: SNAP version dont works with WSLg but if you install the version from appimage it works , i download the 9.31.0