Running Postman on Remote Jenkins

User question β€œI want to run my postman script through newman on remote jenkins machine is it possible? If yes then how?
Would really appreciate if you could share any documentation regarding that.”

Here is our documentation on integrating with Jenkins:

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Well to run Newman:

  1. Install NodeJS on the server
  2. Install the newman npm package
  3. run newman in an execute shell

There are two ways to install NodeJS and newman

  1. ssh into the Jenkins server and install manually and make it available for the Jenkins user on the machine
  2. install the NodeJS Plugin and install newman through there

The latter is less error prone and won’t involve ssh which IMO is a better workflow.

The documentation shows running newman against a json file. If we wrote our tests in Postman (in the cloud), how do I have newman execute the collection without having to export and re-export the tests and add to source control every time I make a change?

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Spoiler: found it…


TL;DR, Use the Postman API to fetch your collection :slight_smile:

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