Global url for Environment Json

Hi, I am trying to run my collections via command line using newman. I got the public url for my collection. But I don’t know how to get the global url for the environment json. Can someone help me with that.



Hi Bhuvana,

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Based on your question, I understand that you have saved your URL as global variable, and need to pass that file in your newman command?

If so, please download the global file and pass that as input to your command (-g globalenvtfile.json). Else you are looking something for global variable, please refer the below post:

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Hey @venkataramanb, welcome!

You can do this by using the postman API. Documentation for getting an API Key

After you get your API key, you can pass the following command to newman:

newman run<collectionId>?apikey=<apiKey> --environment<environmentId>?apikey=<apiKey>

Just replace the angle brackets with the values for your collection, environment, and api key.