Reuse a group of request in several scenarios of a collection


I created a collection that has several scenarios. These scenarios all start in the same way with 4 identical queries.

I would like to know if it is possible to factor these requests in order to re-inject them in each scenario

thank you very much

Hi @Legaly-esignature

If you are running in collection-runner, then I think you’d be looking to use pm.setNextRequest to create a workflow.

Hi @w4dd325,

Thank you for your quick response:
Do you know if it is possible to execute a same request group across different collections?

The last part of that link discusses the scope.

setNextRequest() scope is limited to the collection

If you wanted it cross collection, I’d have to sit and have a think about it :rofl:

Thanks for your help @w4dd325 :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Legaly-esignature For cross collection, I see “Flows” might help you. It’s a Beta feature :partying_face:

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Thanks @bpricilla ! I’m gonna watch this.