Response Validation against a previous response

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My question: Is there a way to store a Json Response to a variable so that I may run the request again in the future to verify that the response does not change.

Details (like screenshots):

Currently, I use SoapUI for API regression testing. The reason I use SoupUI for Regression testing is because it is easy to save xpath or json responses in the request, run the request later and verify that the response has not changed.

I have figured out how to parse responses for individual element response values but we have so many elements in our response and so many requests in our Regression suite that going through each one would be time consuming.

Basically, I would like to run a request in postman. Save the Response. Deploy changes to our software. And then run the request again and validate that the response did not change.

Hi @oberryt12 :wave:

Yes, its possible. You just need to save the entire response is it?

There are different types of variables in Postman. So you can store the entire response or as you mentioned above parsing, you can store particular element to chain the requests as well.

Based on the info you have provided above,

  1. Refer the similar post in the forum.
  2. Now you have response value
  3. When you hit the requests again, add a assertion to validate the older response is matching the new response

Hope this helps :blush: